Volume 1 – Issue 1

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(Download whole Issue as PDF)


Radim Tobolka – Political Parties in Contemporary Zambia: A View From Within (Download PDF)

Vladimir Shubin – Zimbabwe’s Choice (Download PDF)

Dmitri M. Bondarenko, Jason Nkyabonaki, Beatrice Mosha Mkunde – Foreign Aid and Self-Reliance in Post-Socialist Tanzania (The Case of the Distribution of Mosquito Bed Nets) (Download PDF)


Lenka Smolinská – Kibera…, Make Yourself at Home! Researching the Community Development in Nairobi’s Informal Settlement of Kibera (Download PDF)

Kateřina Mildnerová – Report on the 8th Annual International Conference on African Studies (Download PDF)

REVIEWS (Download PDF)

Jan Klíma – Fiala, Vlastimil. 2010. Politické stranictví v afrických lusofonních zemích (Ostrov Sv. Tomáše a Princův Ostrov) [Political Partisanship in African Lusophone Countries (São Tomé and Príncipe)]

Blanka Říchová – Fiala, Vlastimil et al. 2012. Politické strany Afriky, Asie a Latinské Ameriky. Rysy politického stranictví [Political Parties in Africa, Asia and Latin America: Features of Political Partisanship]

Petr Skalník – Forde, Fiona. 2011. An Inconvenient Youth. Julius Malema and the ‚ New‘ ANC

Petr Skalník – Ige, Segun and Quinlan, Tim (eds). 2012. African Responses to HIV/AIDS. Between Speech and Action

Jan Klíma – Lopes, José Vicente. 2012. Tarrafal – Chão Bom, Memórias e Verdades [Tarrafal – Chão Bom, Memories and Truths]

Jan Klíma – Lopes, José Vicente. 2012. Aristides Pereira. Minha Vida, Nossa História [Aristides Pereira. My Life, Our History]

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