Volume 3 – Issue 2

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Petr Skalník – Jack Goody (1919–2015) (Download pdf)

Ineke van Kessel – Stephen Ellis (1953–2015) (Download pdf)

EDITOR´S NOTE (Download pdf)


Getnet Tamene – Problems of Knowledge and Knowledge Production in Africa (Download pdf)

Irina Turner – A Matter of Choice? The Role of English and Isixhosa for University Graduates in their Early Careers (Download pdf)

Henry Kam Kah From Foster Care to Enslavement: What Future for Africa’s Social Security System? (Download pdf)

Primus M. Tazanu – New Media and Expectations of Social Closeness: The Mobile Phone and Narratives of “Throwing People Away” in Cameroonian Transnational Social Relationships (Download pdf)

Meron Eresso – Sacralising Cyberspace: Online Religious Activism in Ethiopia (Download pdf)


Petr Skalník – Report on the 9th International Conference on African Studies “Viva Africa” held at Prague, 22-23 October 2015 (Download pdf)

Daniel C. Bach – Africa in International Relations: The Frontier as Concept and Metaphor (Summary of the Keynote Address) (Download pdf)


Ian Taylor – Hana Horáková and Stephanie Rudwick, eds. 2014. Global Challenges and Local Reactions: Czech Republic and South Africa. Berlin: Lit Verlag. (Download pdf)

Jan Klíma – Viera Pawliková-Vilhanová. 2013. The Production of History and Culture in Africa Revisited: Problems, Methods, Sources. Studia Orientalia Monographica, Volume 4. Bratislava: Slovenská akadémia vied, Ústav orientalistiky. (Download pdf)

Getnet Tamene – Léonce Ndikumana and James K. Boyce. 2011. Africa’s Odious Debts: How Foreign Loans and Capital Flight Bled a Continent. London/New York: Zed Books. (Download pdf)

Jan Klíma – Jeremy Silvester, ed. 2015. Re-Viewing Resistance in Namibian History. Windhoek: University of Namibia. (Download pdf)

Vlastimil Fiala – Christian Thibon, Marie-Aude Fouéré, Lidred Ndeda and Susan Mwangi, eds. 2014. Kenya’s Past as Prologue: Voters, Violence and the 2013 General Election. Nairobi: Twaweza Communications. (Download pdf)


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